Remote invigilation examinations: What to expect

Candidates can now sit an online training course and gain their qualification without leaving their home. 

To make this possible, we have worked with leading training providers and exam experts to provide a platform that is accessible and easy to use, allowing candidates to focus on passing their exams.

The examinations are taken via APM’s qualification platform, Surpass and the remote invigilation is conducted by ProctorExam.

Frequently asked questions

Undertaking an examination is stressful enough, so ensuring that you have set your equipment up correctly and are familiar with how it works in advance of the examination will help alleviate any additional pressure on the day.

Please read the FAQs, along with the guidance documents to ensure you understand the system requirements and what is needed for your specific examination.

System and device requirements

What equipment do I need to take the examination?

You will need: a computer/laptop, smartphone, ID verification documents and strong internet connection. A webcam is required (maximum resolution of 1280 x 720), along with a microphone and audio.

The computer/laptop is used to take the examination, and your smartphone will be used as a second camera.

What operating systems are required to take the examination?


Windows 8 (or higher) or MAC OS X (latest and previous releases). Your operating system can be checked here


Android 4.1+ and iOS 8.0+ smart devices – smartphone or tablet – with a camera are supported.

Do I need a specific browser?

Yes – in order to take the examination, you need to use the latest version of Google Chrome. Check your browser here

You will also need to ensure that this is set up as your default internet browser. Information on how to set this up can be found here

What internet requirements are needed?

A reliable internet connection is required, as it will be needed for mobile streaming. We recommend you use an ethernet cable to ensure a more stable connection or to position yourself as close to the router as possible. In addition to this switch off/disconnect any other equipment that uses the same network. We recommend a minimum of 1.5Mbit/s upload, 10Mbit/s download, ping under 25 ms. Check your internet speed here. Tethering to the internet via a mobile phone is not supported

Please remember that internet and bandwidth speeds can fluctuate.

Why is a smartphone/tablet required in addition to a computer/laptop?

Your smartphone will be used for dual-camera monitoring. This will be able to show the test taking environment from multiple angles, as well as recording what’s happening on-screen. This offers an enhanced level of security to ensure the integrity of APM examinations.

To enable the dual camera monitoring you will be required to download the ProctorExam app to your mobile phone. The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS (Apple) devices by searching for ProctorExam.

When you go to launch your examination, you will be required to scan a QR code to enable the dual camera monitoring and to complete the environment checks. Details of how to do this can be found on the video at the top of this page.

Do I need to download any software onto my computer to take the examination?

No – you won’t be required to download any software to your computer, however you will need to allow ProctorExam pop-ups and the google chrome screen sharing extension.

Before your examination: Testing your equipment

I have received my system check email, however I am given an error message about not having the correct browser, but I downloaded Google Chrome?

You need to ensure that you have set Google Chrome up as your default browser, then try again.

I have tried to start the system check but when I click the link it won’t launch the page?

You will need to check whether your computer has any anti-virus software or Windows Defender enabled. If so, disable the product and try again.

If you are using a work laptop, please check with you IT department, as firewalls could also be restricting access.

What about reasonable adjustments? Can I have extra time?

Most reasonable adjustments can be catered for in an online examination, such as different font colour, coloured backgrounds, additional time and rest breaks.

Surpass HTML Web Delivery is designed to be accessibility supported for Windows, Mac OS and iOS Operating Systems and with the following assistive technologies:

For further information please contact the e-assessment team:

Taking the examination: Troubleshooting issues that occur

How is the online examination paper set out?

The examinations are generally set out with two sections as well as information pages at the start and finish of the examination.

  • Information page: Contains information regarding the length of the examination and how many questions need to be answered, as well as letting you know how to navigate the examination. Please take notice of this information so that you are completing the examination correctly.
  • Section one: Questions on GDPR, your employer and country you are taking the examination in. This section is timed for three minutes and you can finish the section before the time is up.
  • Section two: Live examination questions; this is a timed section in accordance with the examination type that you are sitting. There is a section countdown clock at the top of the screen.
  • Finish page: Information to confirm you have taken. For MCQ examinations you will also see a provisional score (subject to verification by APM)

How do I complete the examination questions?

Multiple choice examination questions:

You need to select the required answer by clicking on your preferred answer choice, this will then highlight the answer. If there are radio buttons available, you need to click the required option.

Short written answer examination questions (including case study based examinations):

The questions are in an essay format within in system. You will need to write your answers in the answer boxes, which are below the question(s) being asked. There is a formatting bar available and there is also an inbuilt spell check.

For both these examinations types you will be able to see questions you have answered as the question number tabs will change to a darker colour. You can also check your progress by clicking on the section review button, which will open a pop-up that you can then filter for unanswered, answered and flagged questions.

Can I see examples of the online exam format before I sit the exam?

Yes – below are links to the sample papers for the Project Fundamentals Qualification and the Project Management Qualification:

Project Management Qualification sample paper

Project Management Qualification sample paper

When can I start the examination?

You will only be able to start your examination, to do the environment and ID checks, at the time that the examination has been booked for you. The ID and environment check’s generally take about 10-15 minutes.

Once you have completed these checks you will be able to launch the live examination. So, if you need to finish your examination by a specific time, please make sure you book your examination earlier to allow for the additional time for the environment checks.

Can I leave the room to go to the toilet?

We do state in our regulations that you shouldn’t leave the examination room at any point, however in emergencies you can leave to go to the toilet. If you do leave the room to go to the toilet, please mention this to the camera. This will be noted and reviewed after the examination. Any time lost by the absence won’t be re-instated.

Can I wear headphones?      

No. The remote invigilator needs to be able to hear what you are saying as well as being able hear any background noise, such as another person in the room talking to you.

My mobile phone has been disconnected?

When your phone gets disconnected you will be notified and asked to re-scan the QR-Code. If your phone does refuse to work, please close and re-open the ProctorExam app or restart your smartphone

What resources am I allowed to use during an exam?

You will need to check the candidate guidance for the specific examination you are sitting to see what resources you are allowed to have during your examination. You can also bring in blank sheets of paper and a pen to write notes with.

For all additional resources, you will need to show them to the camera and show any multiple sheets e.g. flick through a translation dictionary to show that there isn’t any unauthorised notes or information contained within the pages.

For any examinations that have questions based on a case study, the case study will be available in the Surpass platform as a PDF document.

I want to ask a question, however when I talk to the remote invigilator they aren’t answering?

Your examination might be being conducted under record and review remote invigilation. This is where the video feeds are reviewed after the examination has taken place to monitor and mark suspicious activity for a detailed review.

Candidates have access to in-exam technical support for any queries, when a live invigilator isn’t present.

Why is my examination recorded?

A recording is taken of the examination so that any incidences that have been flagged by the remote invigilator during the examination can be reviewed by APM.

APM will be provided with access to all video feeds via a secure link along with a RAG status report and any time stamps of suspected incidents for review. Once final decisions have been made, all content is removed as per GDPR guidelines.

What if my internet or equipment fails before or during the examination?

APM is not responsible for your IT equipment or internet provision. If these fail on the day of your assessment, then no refunds will be offered unless there are exceptional circumstances, then due consideration will be given.

My webcam/microphone aren’t working what can I do?

Ensure the microphone and camera are allowed in Chrome – Click here for instructions

For more troubleshooting information, please read the Online Invigilation Support FAQs.

I have clicked the finish button to end my examination, however it has displayed a warning message about questions being flagged/not all questions have been answered. What do I do?

With some of APM’s qualifications the examinations consist of multiple questions that you only need to answer a specific number from. This will be noted on the information page at the start of your examination and also within the supporting candidate guidance for the qualification.

You will need to check that you have answered the required number of questions. Please note any additional answers will not be marked. You can then click the finish button to submit your examination answers.

If you have flagged answers you can either choose to go back and review them or you can submit the answers still flagged.

To check the number of unanswered, answered and flagged questions please use the section review button at the bottom left of the examination page. This brings up the section review pop up which shows all the examination question numbers. There are filtering options on this pop-up and you can also lock it to the side of your screen to see the number of questions you have answered.

A message has appeared on my screen saying an error has occurred during item (question) loading?

This message appears when you have a slow internet connection. As the internet fluctuates you should be able to refresh the page and the questions will load. However, if this error continues you might need to connect to your router with an ethernet cable or reboot your router.   



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