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Mental Health Mobile

Mental health toolkit for project managers

The project management profession often deals with fast paced, dynamic workloads, and the need for mental health and wellbeing support for project managers is greater than ever. 

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"We must hone our skills for the challenges ahead, starting with resilience"

Understanding the importance of resilience is a crucial first step to developing this attribute and it is something we can all benefit from understanding for ourselves and our teams. 

I encourage you to take a look and learn more about resilience. Together, we can help each other be more prepared for whatever lies ahead.

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The wellbeing of project professionals

Project-based work can be frenetic, fast-paced and dynamic. While you might enjoy the feeling of responsibility and urgency this creates, it’s all too easy for the pressure to change from something that drives you to something that risks overwhelming you.

This PDF guide from APM explores the unique challenges faced by project managers and where certain areas of stress might lie.

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Watch: Wellbeing tips for project managers

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Practical advice and tips for individuals and teams

Five simple ways project managers can manage their mental health

Resilience: how to identify it and how to embed it

How project managers can look after their mental health in trying times

Six ways project managers can manage stress

Under pressure? A ‘can-do’ attitude might be causing you more harm than good

How wellbeing is the key to unlocking performance (🔒)


Recognising the importance of wellbeing

Watch - How wellbeing is the key to unlocking performance

Why kindness is important in managing a project team

Are project managers lonely?

Mental health must be top of mind

The problem of hidden burnout on projects

Burnout – the mission statement (and what happened after my redundancy)

Ideas to improve workplace culture

What is the relationship between managing change, stress and men and women’s mental health in projects?

Sellafield’s mental health first approach to construction projects

Mental Health at work


More resources

APM in partnership with Mind

Now, the website Mental Health at Work, which is curated by Mind, has published an online toolkit in partnership with APM that contains lots more useful resources and downloads on topics such as resilience, coping with change and advice on remote working.