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The way forward

The Golden Thread - A Study of the Contribution of the Project Profession to the UK’s Economy
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| The Golden Thread 2024 reaffirms the profession’s vital contribution to the UK economy and society.

The role of the project professional continues to evolve, with the most impactful professionals leveraging new technology, building strong relationships and aligning project outcomes with the strategic goals of their organisations.

Moving forward, focusing on developing these traits alongside technical skills, not only will organisations ensure their project managers have the necessary skills needed for effective delivery, but will increase the attractiveness of this role.

This study shows a growing ecosystem of project professionals spread across all sectors in the UK, who are driving strategic change for their organisations and helping to tackle some of the most important problems facing society today.

There is growing optimism within the profession - both for the number of projects organisations expect they will undertake and their average project budgets. However, the risk of talent shortage emphasises the need for a robust talent pipeline to ensure the profession can sustain its growth.

"We notice the challenges ahead have thrust project professionals into the spotlight like never before.

This report is not only a reflection of reality but a compass, guiding us toward a more malleable future; one where project management is the golden thread running through every part of the UK economy."

Prof. Adam Boddison OBE
Chief Executive Officer, APM

| Our research indicates that there is optimism about future demands for project professionals.

Almost half of our survey respondents who predicted growth said that an increase in the number of highly challenging projects undertaken by their organisation will be a key driver for demand.

With this as the backdrop, it’s imperative that project professionals and organisations can demonstrate they have exceptional project capabilities, technical knowledge and professional and ethical behaviour

The Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard - which was designed to be accessible to professionals both with and without project management qualifications - can help organisations maintain confidence in attracting talent and driving project success. 

For professionals, it provides a range of benefits, including global recognition, networking opportunities and an opportunity to increase their earning potential.  

The Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) standard is a professional benchmark that demonstrates attainment of a defined level of technical knowledge, professional practice and ethical behaviour.

"As a profession, we need to focus on how we can improve project and programme delivery. While AI cannot replace the project manager, it will play a complementary role, helping projects to be delivered on time and within budget.”  

Mark Sorrell
Head of Public Sector, MIGSO-PCUBED

"I don’t believe the project professional talent pool is growing or broadening sufficiently to respond to this growth, and as a result, we are having to be more imaginative in the ways we solve client problems.”  

Chris Anstead, Director
Global Programme Advisory Team, Turner & Townsend