Helen Winter

Helen Winter, Programme director, Business Bullet

Helen works with clients who are grappling with how to start large complex projects or programmes of work. She has helped numerous companies navigate their way through large scale change and transformation.  She will share how she has helped customers prepare their target operating models. Helen is also the author of The Business Analysis Handbook with Kogan Page, runs a popular blog Business Bullet and is on the panel for programme management best practises at APM (Association for Project Management).

Presentation Synopsis - With the pace of transformation accelerating much faster today compared to last decade how does the Target Operating Model adapt?

External factors and the fast pace of technology means organisations must adapt their Strategy to ensure they continue to add value. Any significant change means the operating model needs to align. This presentation will cover factors that influence a target operating model and techniques that companies can adopt to keep up with the pace of change.

Learning outcomes are:

  • Recognising when a Operating model needs to be reviewed and changed
  • Why it is so important
  • How companies go about instigating a change to move to a new Target operating model
  • Triggers and techniques for keeping up with the pace of change
  • How to ensure it is embedded and is working

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