APM Committees

A number of committees and groups are in place which report to the board:

Audit & Assurance Committee

Oversees both the external and internal auditing functions and monitors the robustness of the association’s internal controls on risk management, regulatory compliance and portfolio/BAU performance management.

Milla Mazilu (chair)
Alistair Godbold (deputy chair)
Mushtaq Ali
Mahmudal Hussain
Sorrel Gilbert                

Remuneration Committee

Oversees the framework for employee remuneration and acts as CEO's performance review panel.

Alistair Godbold (chair)
John McGlynn 

Professional Standards and Knowledge Committee

Proposes and recommends over-arching policy in respect of professional standards and knowledge and oversees the operation of accreditation and examinations. Has an independent IPMA role.

Paul Chapman (chair)
Debbie Lewis (deputy chair)
Alistair Godbold
Paul Hirst
Alan Macklin
Mike Newton
Terry Plimmer
Daniella Jenkins
Ruth Murray Webster
Christine Unterhitzenberger                        

Nomination Panel

Oversees identification of candidates for voluntary roles, Honorary Fellowship and Sir Monty Finniston Award.

Roy Millard (chair)
Sorrel Gilbert (deputy chair)
Jon Broome
Tim Banfield
Nick Johns
Milla Mazilu
Teri Okoro

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