APM Committees

A number of committees are in place which report to the board:

Governance Committee (GC)

Gives general oversight and re-calibration of both Board and other APM-wide committees and groups.        

Alan Mackin* (Chair)                                      
Russel Jamison  
Roy Millard*
Mike Ward                       

Audit & Assurance Committee (A&A)

Oversees both the external and internal auditing functions and monitors the robustness of the association’s internal controls on risk management, regulatory compliance and portfolio/BAU performance management. 

Roy Millard* (Chair)                    
Milla Mazilu*(Dep Chair)                
Mushtaq Ali                         
Peter Glynne                         
Adrian Pyne                         
Mark Reilly                   

Advocacy & Nominations Committee (A&N)

Oversees APM’s strategic stakeholder engagement.  Advises on board succession planning, identification of candidates for voluntary roles, Honorary Fellowship and Sir Monty Finniston Award.  
Susie Boyce* (Deputy Chair)                
Tim Banfield                         
Nick Johns
Milla Mazilu*
Mike O’Hare
Teri Okoro

Remuneration Committee (RC)

Oversees the framework for employee remuneration and acts as CEO's performance review panel.

Vacancy (Chair)                    
Alistair Godbold*(Dep Chair)                 
John McGlynn*                        

Professional Standards and Knowledge Committee (PS&K)

Proposes and recommends over-arching policy in respect of professional standards and knowledge and oversees the operation of accreditation and examinations. Has an independent IPMA role.

Paul Chapman* (Chair)                    
Stephen Jones* (Dep Chair)                                
Charles Egbu                        
Alistair Godbold*                     
Paul Hirst                      
Debbie Lewis                        
Milla Mazilu*
Mike Newton
Terry Plimmer                           

Volunteers' Steering Group 

Note – this is not a Board Committee.  However, the Board must approve the proposed Chair.  

Susie Boyce - Volunteers Champion (Chair)
Russel Jamieson
Mike Ward
Eileen Roden
Benedict Pinches
Sara Drake – Chief Executive
Anna Grabham – Volunteers’ Manager


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