A number of committees and groups are in place which report to the Board of Trustees.

Audit & Assurance Committee (A&A)

Oversees both the external and internal auditing functions and monitors the robustness of our internal controls on risk management and regulatory compliance.

  • Milla Mazilu*(Chair)
  • Joseph Brewer
  • Sorrel Gilbert*
  • Frederick Law
  • Farid Vayani 
  • Karen Whelan*


Professional Standards and Knowledge Committee (PS&K)

Proposes and recommends overarching in respect of professional standards and knowledge, and oversees the operation of accreditation and examinations. This committee has an independent IPMA role.

  • Debbie Lewis *(Chair)
  • Paul Hirst
  • Daniella Jenkins
  • Alan Macklin
  • Charles Mills*
  • Amy Morley*
  • Ruth Murray Webster
  • Mike Newton
  • Terry Plimmer
  • Christine Unterhitzenberger
  • Yetunde Adeshile*

Nominations Panel

Identifies candidates for awards (for example, Honorary Fellowship).

  • Roy Millard (Chair)
  • Sorrel Gilbert*(Dep Chair)
  • Milla Mazilu*
  • Teri Okoro
  • Ian Williams*

Remuneration Committee

Oversees the framework for employee remuneration and acts as CEO's performance review panel

  • Ian Williams *(Dep Chair)
  • Alistair Godbold
  • Milla Mazilu*


* Denotes board member

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