• The entrant must have demonstrable involvement in the project to enter. No entry will be accepted without this declaration being agreed.
  • The same project or programme and its material may not be submitted as the basis for entry into more than one award category.
  • Applicants decide on the category they wish to enter. An entry that doesn’t meet the entry criteria of the chosen category may result in a reduced score or complete rejection of the entry submitted.
  • Entrants to the young project professional of the year award must be aged 29 years or under at the entry closing date.
  • Entrants to young project professional of the year and project professional of the year awards must have had more than six months’ involvement in any project or programme described in their submission.
  • Entries must not exceed the stated word count for that category. Those entries that overrun the size requirements will be subject to a mark deduction. The size limitations are as follows:
    • Stage one entry submissions for young project professional and project professional of the year awards should constitute no more than 1,000 words plus up to four supporting images or graphics (no text apart from short captions) with a maximum file size of 5MB.
    • In all other categories, stage one entry submission should be no more than 3,000 words plus up to four supporting images or graphics (no text apart from short captions) with a maximum file size of 5MB.

  • All work submitted must have been done by the entrant and with permission from the project sponsor or manager as specified on the declaration when entering.
  • Entries submitted after the entry closing deadline may be subject to mark deduction.
  • We welcome entries from around the globe, however entries will only be accepted when written in English.
  • By submitting an
  • The content of all submissions remains, at all times, the copyright of the entrant, but APM may wish to reproduce some relevant content for the purpose of promotional materials such as APM Award winners’ case-studies, PR or other. If an entrant does not wish to give automatic permission for material to be reproduced, without prior discussion, this must be noted at the point of entry.
  • APM reserves the right to accept or reject entries, and / or not make an award, as circumstances dictate.
  • APM does not accept audio or video submissions for supporting materials at stage one.
  • All finalists must submit visual material as requested for use at the awards dinner and other supporting activities. Failing to do so may result in exclusion from the related activity.
  • The judging panel will consist of volunteers who are experienced experts in their field.
  • The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence concerning their decision will be entered into.
  • All submissions are made at the expense of the applicants.
  • APM board members, committee members, members of other APM groups, staff and judges are subject to APM’s conflict of interest policy, Board Member Code of Conduct and the APM Code of Professional Conduct.  Any breaches will be addressed through the existing mechanisms, including the APM Professional Conduct Procedural Rules.


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