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Communication: your secret weapon in project management

Welcome aspiring project managers to the exciting world of project management! You've got the technical skills, the drive and the ambition to succeed, but there's one essential skill that underpins all successful projects: communication.

Life in parliament

What’s it like to work in project management at the Houses of Commons and the House of Lords? Algy Ayson is Head of Project Delivery, Centre of Excellence and Profession at UK Parliament, working in both chambers on projects that stretch across digital transformation, capital works and change initiatives.

Five tips to get into project management

The words: “when I grow up, I want to be a project manager” probably aren’t heard in many schools where children dream about their futures! Whilst some project managers find their calling early on in their career journeys, others get into the role later in life after exploring other passions and developing skills which lend themselves well to managing projects.