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Lisa McCrone

How to achieve your chartered status

For the past six years, I’ve been working at Zero Waste Scotland and four years ago, I was given the opportunity to do my Prince 2 qualification as project management was a large part of my role.

IMG 7505 IMG 7505
Rebecca Beveridge

A modular approach to sustainable project success

Can modular systems drive success in sustainability led projects? I set off to talk to Steve McIntyre, an urban greening pioneer and Principal Consultant at ANS Global, to find out.

Antonio Nieto Rodriguez Headshot Antonio Nieto Rodriguez Headshot
Professor Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez and Professor Ricardo Vargas

AI beyond the buzzword

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a distant concept confined to sci-fi movies or elite tech companies.

Andrew Saunders Andrew Saunders
Andrew Saunders

Deep collaboration: the secret to the success of rail projects?

Writing the story of the on time, on budget rehabilitation of Washington DC’s Yellow Line metro system for the Autumn 2023 issue of Project was the chance for me to get under the skin of a successful major rail project — something that can seem a bit of a rarity here in the UK at present.