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Hugo Minney Hugo Minney
Hugo Minney

APM’s sustainability conference round up: you can make it happen!

Think about what you love; hedgehogs, standing next to a clean stream, your family and community, the security of having a job – how much do you love it? How would you describe that love, that desire, to someone or to an alien visiting?  Sadly, these ideas aren’t guaranteed anymore.

Jroperprofilepic Jroperprofilepic
Jenny Roper

How to manage menopause at work

Research from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) finds that 30% of menopausal women have experienced being unable to go into work because of their symptoms, with only one-quarter feeling able to tell their manager the real reason.

Daniel Foreman 3920 Daniel Foreman 3920
Daniel Foreman

Managing projects in uncertain times

Project uncertainty: a phrase often mentioned but is it truly understood? The APM defines uncertainty as “A state of incomplete knowledge about a proposition.

Capture (2) Capture (2)
Erika Graham-Jones

The dyslexic project manager

What are your first thoughts when you hear the word “dyslexic”? Poor spelling? Can’t read? Stupid? It’s ok if that’s what you think because it’s a common misconception.