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In 2011 I was selected as the first APM Board intern and I am now reaching the end of my time on the APM Board.

Ive thoroughly enjoyed my role as the board intern. Board interns almost a misnomer as the only difference to a full board member is that you are chosen by the board rather than being elected by the membership - to provide the newer project managers perspective. You are a full voting member of the board, and expected to contribute as such.

I found the wealth of strategic, business and project management experience in the room invigorating and it has allowed me to see and to operate at a completely different level than in my day job. The APMs confidence in my ability to operate at this level and involve me in other areas has translated in other skills that have allowed me to progress in my day job, as well as a perceivable step up in my contributions.

On a more skills oriented front I have been involved in strategic and financial discussions that I have had to ensure that I understood the ramifications of new skills at a level I wouldnt have necessarily learned at work. The APM Executive has always been ready to help especially if they see that you are looking to learn.

If you are looking at for an experience that will stretch you and allow you to step up to the mark I couldnt recommend it more. The topics are fascinating, you carry real responsibility and it is a hard to match learning experience.

A new intern will be selected from APMs existing volunteer community in early December and will be announced shortly afterwards. For more information about volunteering opportunities with APM please click here.


Posted by Fernande Van Schelle on 18th Oct 2013

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