Help, I've just implemented a project management tool!

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Dear all,

Listening to your advice yesterday, Ive just gone and implemented a corporate project management tool. We did it for really good reasons. Our senior stakeholders simply could not see project and programme information, and the system demos we saw made it look really easy.

Unfortunately, all that seems to have happened is that weve spent a lot on a system that nobody uses, producing reports that dont seem to help anyone and the data is still rubbish but at least we have it all in one place and we must have the best RAG system in the country too it must be, I cant understand it.

Im getting all kinds of stick for doing what I thought was the right thing. Help - Where did I go wrong?

Yours Etc

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Posted by David Dunning on 4th Apr 2013

About the Author
David Dunning is a member of the Portfolio Management SIG and has provided presentations around the subject of Portfolio Management for Thames Valley and South West / Wales APM Chapters.

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