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When it comes to good leadership we all have our own favourites and benchmarks.

For me there are historical, sporting and popular personalities who I sometimes imagine to be addressing one of mychallenges on my behalf soldier Wellington, explorer Shakleton, John Lennon (he lead a generation) and particularly footballer Bobby Moore. They all had leadership qualities and style. I never met any of them so my imagined contributions cannot be distorted by real contact.

However I did have the great pleasure of working alongside Sir Richard Attenborough a few years ago.

It is sad to see his passing he was a great guy everything that is being said about him is true. He certainly had great leadership qualities and he had style.

As part of a Buro Four Project Management team I was closely involved in the Centenary Project for the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) the complete reconstruction of its premises in Central London and the rejuvenation of the organisation as the preeminent acting and theatre school.

Dickie was the President of RADA and our client, customer, sponsor, advocate and fund raiser.I remember him as compassionate, committed, tenacious, generous and wily as he was in his approach to being an actor, director and producer on film and for very many other good causes.

In our case he was absolutely central to providing a wonderful, hard won, unique, enduring educational legacy.

He brought simplicity and directness to all issues.

It was a difficult, sensitive, long project. It was the best of times.


Posted by Tom Taylor on 30th Sep 2014

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Tom Taylor is a vice-president of APM, joint founder of Buro Four, principal at dashdot.

He is a past committee member and Chairman of APM London Branch, a past Chairman of APM and a past President of APM.

Previously a Certificated Project Manager and RPP he is currently a ChPP.

He is an Honorary Member or Fellow of International Project Management Association (IPMA), PMAN (Nepal), PRY (Finland), APOGEP (Portugal), AIEPRO (Spain), KPMA (Kazakhstan) and APM (UK).

He is a reciprient of the Sir Monty Finneston 2009 and the APM President's Medal.

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