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The NHS has delayed the roll out of its data sharing scheme by six months and the reason is all about communication. Apparently not enough people know about the scheme and so wouldnt be able to exercise their right to opt out.

We should give credit to the NHS for listening to the concerns of stakeholders and acting accordingly. This cant have been an easy decision knowing the press coverage that would follow but it is definitely the right one.

It shows us how important communication on projects is but also how difficult it is to get right. Ive said it before and Ill say it again communication isnt a soft skill.

A number of commentators have said that not enough has been done to explain the benefits. But communication on projects shouldnt be just about selling the benefits. In this NHS case, the project will come up against the publics mistrust of computer-held data that has been built up over several years in the UK following a number of high profile data losses.

I was on the board of my local Primary Care Trust when the NHS National Programme for IT was first conceived. The most powerful piece of communication I experienced was during a presentation by a GP who asked us where we thought our personal data was held at the moment. He proceeded to show us a picture of himself loading a box of paper patient records into the boot of his car!

So selling benefits isnt enough, we need to understand and then address what is concerning our stakeholders. Its only then that stakeholders will be open to messages about benefits.

One of the many roles of the communication function on projects such as this is to ensure that at the outset there is agreement on what the level of awareness and acceptance should be at key stages throughout the lifecycle. Its role is also to put research in place to make sure that these levels are being reached. By measuring at key points, the project will benefit from an early heads up on any problems, enabling strategies to be changed and new communication interventions designed if needed.

BBC News - Giant NHS database rollout delayed

Ann Pilkington

Posted by Ann Pilkington on 21st Feb 2014

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Ann is the author of Communicating Projects published by Gower and a chapter author in Exploring Internal Communication published by Gower. She is co-founder and director of PR Academy which is a leading provider of education and training in all aspects of communication. Her early career was in journalism before moving to PR and communication rolls with major companies including Barclays, BT and The AA. She works with the People SIG.

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