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There is a perception in some quarters that resource management is either what you do in SAP or is what line managers do in Excel to keep track of what their folks are up to – that it is either ‘local’ or ‘macro’ – but the two perspectives are too difficult to join together.

However, effective resource management is the steel frame of the portfolio management building. If we are to realise the benefits of doing the right things successfully, then we need to be able to join up the strategic and the tactical resource pictures. People say “we can’t plan with resources” – I respond “you can, but you just don’t”.

  • How much organisation structure is a limiting/enabling factor in successfully managing resources?
  • Is there a more effective approach to managing resources than managing demand?
  • Does prioritisation have to be a fight to balance BAU and Projects?
  • Why not make BAU and change planning use common consistent tools on a database?
  • Why is resource allocation not always a clear process?
  • Why don’t mature organisations understand their resource capabilities, support roles and controls?
  • Why do we under estimate the implementation of resource management as a technical project rather than a business change programme?
  • Can we not engage the right stakeholders at the right levels and deal with the underlying problems, not just the symptoms?

Is this really too difficult or can we, with the right vision and roadmap – devour the elephant after all? I say – put on the brave trousers and evangelise!

I’m at the Best Practice User Group (28 June, QE11 Centre, London) hosting a round table on this for those that want to chat more

Download the presentation slides.

David Dunning

Posted by David Dunning on 19th Jun 2012

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David Dunning is the founding director at Chase Management Services and Chair of Corporate Project Solutions. He provides director level advice, guidance and critical friendship in portfolio, programme and project management. He is very interested in aligning innovation and portfolio management, and is currently focusing on developing a core P3M data model with other volunteers to give the public domain the basis for a shareable P3M Governance framework.

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