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Diversity and inclusion is increasingly in the spotlight, with both benefits derived and shortcomings in performance alluded to. National Apprenticeship Week and International Women’s Day were celebrated recently with numerous news features and events. Away from the fanfare of these celebrated occasions, some organisations and leaders are quietly getting on with embracing and embedding good practice within their organisations, projects and programmes. They are creating environments in which diversity and inclusion is not only valued but also permeates their everyday practice. They are growing diverse talent within their organisation and their projects are benefitting more diverse communities.

Is your organisation one of these hidden exemplars? Now is the time to be recognised, to have a spotlight on your initiatives or innovative processes. Sharing your success stories not only provides recognition and accolades, it also inspires others to take action, to review their own progress and improve their own processes.

Three opportunities to showcase good practice, excellence or extraordinary achievements on a national and global level are listed below:

  1. International Award – IPMA’s Diversity in Project Management Award is now in its second year. It recognises and ‘rewards project managers, project teams and /or project organisations that have proven excellence in the implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies and approaches in their project management’. It is free to enter and the closing date is June 29th There is plenty of time to collate evidence and submit your application for recognition on this global arena. Further details are available here.
  1. National Case Studies - As APM’s representative to the CIC Diversity and Inclusion Panel, I am delighted to share this recent call for examples of good practice below:

The Construction Industry Council (CIC) Diversity & Inclusion Panel are promoting and showcasing the best examples of case studies within the built environment and construction industry.

We need your help by sending us your case studies and news items reflecting good practice in areas of equality, diversity, fairness and inclusion. They can cover a variety of angles within SME’s, large corporations or within the professional bodies.

We plan to share these stories using platforms such as the CIC Website and newsletters to help bring about real change in the industry reaching towards workplace environments which are inclusive to all.

We appreciate your support and look forward to receiving your positive news stories.

There is no deadline to this call as case studies will be featured on a rolling basis. Inclusion nudges within your organisation as altered recruitment practice, more flexible working arrangements or mentoring /sponsoring schemes that have resulted in benefits or similar are welcome. Brief details including links to articles or news stories and contact number should be sent to James Driver at APM.

  1. IndividualsAPM Hon Fellow Award: though its criteria is much broader than Diversity and Inclusion, exceptionality and notable achievements are celebrated in this Award. A key change in the criteria occurred when APM became a chartered body; APM members are no longer eligible to be nominated. Nevertheless, the Hon. Fellow Award will be used to showcase individual’s excellence in their own profession or careers and significant contribution by non members on projects and initiatives that impact the profession and project management more widely including impact. This could be through projects, programmes, research or similar. It is an opportunity to consider contributions to project management more holistically and inclusively. The submission deadline is June 1st and APM members can confidentially nominate non-members. Self nomination is not permitted. Further details are available here.

Individual project managers can also enter into the IPMA DIPM Award noted above. Multiple opportunities thus exist to recognise inspiring and extraordinary individuals contributing to diversity and inclusion in the profession and project management in 2018.

Unfortunately, entries have closed now for the new Inspire - Diversity in UK Construction, Engineering and Housing Award that aims to inspire a more diverse and inclusive culture. You can read about the various categories ranging from contractors and consultants to role models, employer’s, mentors, apprentices and mental health well-being initiative’s here and the plan for 2019.

Perhaps, your project or programme deliverables or benefits are not yet fully realised or your Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are still underway. Opportunity to participate next year still exist and you can additionally benchmark against the 2018 winners. Benefits to the public – not just to the economy, but also to society, is an objective of APM’s Royal Charter. How does your practice reflect this? Showcase achievements this year or consider more innovative processes to transform your D&I practice from mundane to excellent or extraordinary.


(Note - Diversity above is to be understood more widely than gender. It include ethnicity, age and sexual orientation etc.)

Teri Okoro

Posted by Teri Okoro on 20th Mar 2018

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Teri Okoro is past chair of the Women in Project Management Specific Interest Group

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