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The atmosphere at Ibis House was excitement tinged with apprehension. The Professional Standards and Knowledge team members were seeing their work of the last few months coming to its culmination. Hearts were beating faster and fingers were being bitten. Some last minute adjustments to the communication to the outside world, and then, at just after 17.00 hours, an e-mail  and a link to the web-based survey went to the 175+ project professionals on our hit list,

We had pushed the button on the APM Body of Knowledge refresh first phase consultation!

By 9.00 the next morning, wed already had about 20 replies, and they are continuing to come in at a steady pace. This first phase is focused on proof of concept, to confirm or otherwise that the work we have done with our critical friends has produced a workable and viable proposal to restructure the APM Body of Knowledge, and to embed portfolio and programme management knowledge in there alongside the tried and tested project content.

Once weve had all the responses, and reviewed them, the baton will be handed to the APM SIG (Specific Interest Group) community to review, validate and develop the content. A series of peer review panels will be set up to ensure the validity of content, and there will also be a series of focus groups, workshops and seminars to make sure weve got the content spot on.

Weve started with the APM Body of Knowledge, and we will  - in the autumn - move on to a review of the APM Competence Framework and then our qualifications portfolio.

We've put an expression of interest form on the website so that anyone who wants to contribute can be included in the various phases of the programme.

Its going to be a busy and exciting year!


Posted by on 10th Jun 2010

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