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As the chair of the APM PMO SIG, I get to see many PMO people who have issues around setting up, sustaining, or changing their PMO. I also read a lot of LinkedIn articles and online posts and it dawned on me the other day that our articles are missing the same thing as our PMOs – value.

I am an obvious advocate of PMO, and it made me sad when the realisation hit me – most of the posts and articles shared about our industry are very negative!

We all seem to focus on the negative and no-one shouts about good service; but, come on people! How about occasionally sharing and advertising the good things that we deliver?
Elise Stevens of Fix My Project Chaos fame recently organised a Festival of PMO blogging challenge – at last!

What we need...
is a revolution.

I have spent a fairly long time working in this space and have been involved in projects from grassroots to Ferrari (or Bugatti, depending on your preference) PMOs. The successful change in culture that PMOs are responsible for has begun to add enormous value to organisations.

Remember the time when a PMO created the first global team in a corporation spanning 12 countries?

No? You didn’t hear about it because as PMO people, we preach to shout about successes but are frankly quite rubbish at taking our own medicine.

But… They were able to govern, mature, make capable, prioritise and report on a global portfolio of change. The scale of change was enormous, the stakeholder pool was vast, and the benefits to the organisation were several fold. The team? Five people at its peak. Pretty cool, huh?

So my challenge to you is this: Instead of telling us why PMOs are failing, try sharing some of the amazing things that we can do, and let’s celebrate what we have done to date to make some significant changes in the industry.

This year, the PMO SIG annual conference is PMO and Value.

It is designed to explore how PMOs can work with the value chain to give them real-life practical help, tips and tricks that they can take back to boost their particular PMO journey.

So why not come along, take some PMO magic potion, and get enthused about the value you bring to your organisation, your people, and yourself.


Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton

Posted by Emma-Ruth Arnaz-Pemberton on 6th Oct 2016

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A Project, Programme and Portfolio specialist with extensive experience in the change management industry with a particular focus on collaboration, PMO conception & strategy, method and capability development.

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