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Welcome to the APM Midlands branch community.

One of the largest branches in the country both geographically and by membership. The region covered by the branch stretches across several counties from Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire in the South, to Derbyshire and Shropshire in the North and takes in the counties in and around Birmingham and Northampton.

The Midlands branch committee operates as a supportive executive to three main areas of activity which are based in sub-committees of volunteers. These are:

  • Events Group which runs a wide range of educational CDP events for the benefit of members, employees of Corporate members and for a small fee, for all interested project people across the region.  We would welcome a volunteer point of contact for each major posts code in the Midlands.
  • Corporates Group which engages with Corporate members of all sizes to ensure the employer relevance of APM by running networking events and knowledge sharing sessions. Does you organisation participate? Get in touch to find out. We would welcome offers to host events which can increase the host profiles as well as giving us new members.
  • Higher Educational Institutes Group which engages with HEIs to share experiences and knowledge as well as to encourage participation by the student body in APM activity and membership. re your HEI and friends involved? Contact us to find out.

If you are new to the project profession or the region please come along and attend events for your own benefit. The wide range of events and meetings provide opportunities for all involved in project management to meet and exchange ideas. We are always looking to refresh our sub-committees and welcome all ages and backgrounds to join us and help take the profession forward.

To discover what is happening near you, join us and participate.


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APM Midlands Corporate Advisory Group 

APM Midlands Branch have a corporates sub-committee.  Supporting APM Corporate Members (Partners and Affiliates) based in the Midlands.

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