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Burnout: Prevention, Intervention & Recovery

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Burnout is a bit of a buzzword right now, and Elise Holmes myth busted straight away and say she doesn’t see it as simply being about working too hard! Let’s dig deeper and look at what it might be in an individual that drives or allows them to continually exceed their capacity, and the impact that has. This event was held on 20 February 2024

So what do we mean by burnout, what might cause it, how might it be experienced and recognised, and importantly how can we spot warning signs and what are some practical approaches and tools to intervene? Elise also covered recovery strategies should anyone already be there, or find themselves there.

She looked at the role of:

  • Energy draining thought patterns
  • Personality types
  • Values, Identity and Purpose

Elise offered a blend of scientific background, psychological mapping models and practical exercises for you to put into action in this informative, supportive and constructive talk.

She identified some of the common personality and thought patterns that lead to burnout, and share some steps and tools to course correct this.

Attendees gained an understanding of how and why burnout can happen and what that can look and feel like. Also, gained an awareness of how to tune in and listen to your own potential warning signs within your physical and mental health, and learn to respond to those with compassion.

In exploring this, Elise overviewed a holistic way of looking at physical and mental health and energy management in individuals. In covering a variety of different potential contributing aspects to burnout, there’s likely to be something here that’s pertinent or of interest to everyone, in our human experience.

She strongly believe that many of us have so much more potential that we’re able to open up into. Sometimes with clunky software still running in our brains, we push ourselves a really hard and long way around in pursuit of how we want to feel, our goals and dreams, at times leading to burnout. Let’s look at how we can shortcut that efficiently, ensure that where we’re headed truly is where we want to be, and take care of ourselves along the way.

Elise Holmes - Therapeutic Coach, Coached by Elise

Elise Holmes is a Certified Therapeutic Coach, as well as an experienced project manager in engineering consultancy in the UK and Middle East. Through her own experience of burnout developing into chronic fatigue syndrome, she has trained in a psychological talking therapy toolkit, and through her business Coached By Elise, supports adults of all ages through blocks, challenges or changes they are facing, towards a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

Trained with the Optimum Health Clinic in London, an award winning clinic specialising in fatigue illness, she now mentors students through their Therapeutic Coaching™ training. Elise is a Health Practitioner with the Salus Fatigue Foundation, a non-profit organisation offering workshops, tools and resources to individuals and groups experiencing fatigue, as well as providing support and information for interested family, friends, carers and employers.

“I’d never heard of chronic fatigue syndrome before I developed it, and I’ve wondered whether if I had, I’d have intervened earlier to prevent my personal burnout. I’ll never know, but I can share my experience and lessons learnt, as well as my knowledge and skills now to hopefully offer that opportunity to others.”

Elise has very kindly allowed her presented material to be made available for viewing.
The slides on Slideshare are now available in our APM resources area and also embedded below for reference.

This event is ideal for professionals with any level of experience


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