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Fearless change - Bringing your people with you on the journey

APM People and Enabling Change joint SIG conference 2023
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Fearless change - Bringing your people with you on the journey

APM People SIG and Enabling Change SIG Conference

Change requires people to do something differently. It's axiomatic. But how often are people afraid of doing something differently?

This conference brings together a synthesis view of the causes and cures to overcome the way people think negatively about change. If your organisation is thinking abut change, and you want to bring your people with you, then this conference is a must.

Join us

Date: 8 March 2023

Time: 09:00-17:40

Venue: Crowne Plaza, Kings Cross, London

Why attend

  1. Understand the basic issues surrounding change and fear that are not always obvious to the leadership.

  2. Learn new approaches that will assist in how you bring people onboard on your change journey.

  3. Participate in interactive sessions to discuss how different approaches work in practice.

Agenda summary

  • The people aspects of change

  • Setting the scene and laying out the case that whilst people are essential to execute change, there are culture issues that obstruct change.
  • Overcoming the fear of change

  • How to encourage a culture of bravery and challenge, so people feel psychologically safe enough to be innovative.
  • Management hacks to implement change

  • Demonstration of techniques to further change management.
  • Breakout groups

  • Enabling change theme.
  • The change Ninja.
  • The soft skills of change.
  • Neuroscience of change

  • How people think and process change.
  • Using active listening panels to effect change

  • Description and demonstration of a powerful new approach to people involvement in business transformation.


  • Keynote:  Stephen Carver, Senior Lecturer, consultant and speaker in Change and Crisis Management at Cranfield University School of Management
  • Christine Castle, Head of Engagement, Wales and South West -
  • Teri Okoro - (Chair People SIG)
  • Carole Osterweil, Project Troubleshooter and Coach - Visible Dynamics
  • Ian Pickard, Head of Project Management - BMT. (Committee member Enabling Change SIG)
  • Glenn Smith, Business Agility Consultant, Nimbility
  • Marion Thomas, Director - ExtraordinaryPM 
  • Trish Thurley, Founder - Sims4Training Ltd. (Committee member People SIG)
  • Donna Unitt, Head of Delivery - Rocket Consulting Ltd
  • Steve Walters, Principal Consultant (retired / part-time), National Nuclear Laboratory Ltd. (Committee member People SIG)
  • Dr Tammy Watchorn, Author, Facilitator, Educator, Coach -

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Enabling Change Specific Interest Group

The Enabling Change SIG aims to develop and sustain individual practitioner, team and organisational change capability by facilitating access to and exploration of change methods, standards, case studies and good practices.

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People Specific Interest Group

The SIG has a vision of ‘Inspired and inspiring project managers’ and a mission to raise awareness, inspire thinking and influence opinion around people and project management. Our primary focus groups are: Communications. Leadership and behaviours.

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