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Welcome to the APM Scotland Network.

Connect with project professionals in your region, and benefit from local updates, with access to quality events that serve all membership levels and offer you the chance to network, make connections, and learn about the latest developments in project management. 

Build your network by engaging with like-minded project professionals at our events and gain insight into the latest project profession practices, leveraging the network’s experience and lessons from key projects. 

We work closely with Scottish Government, our Corporate Partners and Affiliates, APM members and Higher Education Institutions to ensure we understand their needs and how we can work together for the benefit of all of our members and the wider project profession within Scotland.

Our prestigious annual Project Challenge Competition provides development opportunities for newcomers to the profession whether from Corporates or HEIs, and we are actively looking at opportunities to further develop and enhance our activities in this area.

Our membership is widely dispersed, stretching from Dumfries and Galashiels in the south, to Wick in the north, any beyond when you factor in our members in the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland Islands. 

Simply follow us to stay up to date with the latest regional news, announcements, and activity.

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Inspire inclusion within the project profession to attract and retain a diverse workforce webinar
Discussed inspiring inclusion within projects and programmes, with practical tools and tips that you can implement to improve your inclusive leadership skills to support diverse recruitment and retention strategies.
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Including mental health support in project delivery
An interactive session discussing how Project Managers can identify mental health symptoms, provide tools to help themselves and others, plus also increase the capabilities of the Project Management function. This event was held on 25 January 2024 in Edinburgh.
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Net Zero Nation and Sustainability, Scotland Branch Conference
In a highly successful event on 7 September 2023, the APM Scotland Branch convened an impactful conference on "Net Zero Nation and Sustainability" at the historic Playfair Library in Edinburgh. This gathering united professionals, academics, and students who share a common interest in project management, sustainability, and the journey towards a net-zero future.
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Making Project Assurance Work
We all know what Project Assurance is, don’t we? Well actually, no, we don’t. Typically it’s a term that has a much broader meaning than most people think. No, it isn’t just about project reviews. This event was held on 13 July 2023.
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Build a Car Challenge event
On a sunny Bank Holiday Monday, APM Scotland Branch made a trip to St Ninians Primary School in Livingston, specifically to engage with Primary 7 youngsters who were looking for an activity to raise their interest and develop some new skills before breaking off for the school holidays.
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Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast!
In times of increasing focus on carbon emissions and a pressure to cut project costs, how does a North Sea energy services company ensure that its projects remain viable? In his talk, Jak demonstrated how a project’s culture is a key project success factor. This event was held on 25 May 2023.


Decision quality in capital projects

19 September 2024

What makes a good decision, and how can we get better at making them?

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