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APM responds to IPA’S National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline

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The Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA), the governmental body, which reports to the Cabinet Office and Treasury has issued a procurement pipeline, The National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline 2020/21, bringing together details of planned procurements for the financial year to provide visibility across all sectors.

The pipeline which will help industry to make informed decisions as it recovers from the impact of coronavirus, includes 340 procurement contracts across over 260 projects, programmes and other investments. It also sets out procurements with an estimated contract value of up to £37 billion over the next year.

Debbie Dore, chief executive for Association for Project Management (APM) comments:

 “APM welcomes the update on the Government’s project pipeline, which identifies up to £37 billion of procurement opportunities in projects. APM believes it is essential for business to adapt at pace, learning the lessons in innovation seen in the rapid response to the coronavirus crisis, and apply these to what we might describe as a 'project economic restart’. We welcome the IPA’s transparency to help inject certainty into future collaboration and a commitment to infrastructure as a vital component to the recovery effort.”

Full details of IPA’s National Infrastructure and Construction Procurement Pipeline 2020/21 can be seen here



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