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APM Thames Valley committee nominees for 2019-2020

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The following nominations have been received for the APM Thames Valley committee 2019-2020:

  • Carol Bell
  • Daren Evans
  • Dr Steve Walters
  • Grant Kane
  • Jake Younger
  • Kathy Stevenson
  • Paul Bradley
  • Sally Andrews
  • Steven Hoesli

Thank you to all the nominees.

Supporting statement from the committee nominees.

APM Thames Valley committee election 2019-2020 online: voting by APM individual members is now open.

To cast your vote for the election of the committee to run the APM Thames Valley Branch for 2019-2020: consider the candidates (see above supporting statements) and vote online using this link before 23:59hours on Wednesday 17 July 2019 when voting will close.

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