Courageous Conversation video: We really need to talk about knowledge management as a profession

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Knowledge management (KM) is maturing rapidly. Is now the moment in time, the inflection point, for accreditation and recognition of the KM professional?

In 2018 the first ever international standard on KM was published. APM took the decision to include a comprehensive account of KM in APM Body of Knowledge 7th edition. CILIP ramped up its KM activities, including chartership for KM. These are all signs that KM is reaching maturity and becoming recognised as a discipline and an organisational practice.

What does this mean for KM professionals? What does it mean for people who work with KM professionals? In this video created from the courageous conversation event, Nick Poole, Sonia Ramadhian and Judy Payne lead the discussion about our understanding of KM as a profession. How can professionals take ownership of their professionalism? What is a profession, anyway? Where do ethics and values fit in? How can people from different professions, such as KM and project management, work together?

The small, interactive and stimulating conversation held in June 2019 created this video content from the event addresses questions such as these and explore our collective understanding of what it means to be, and work with, KM professionals.

This is one strand of a conversation that we hope will lead to better understanding, better practice, better KM and better projects.
We want to encourage a greater confidence in the APM community to talk freely and fearlessly about how to improve the practice of KM and project management.

Judy Payne
APM Knowledge SIG volunteer


The Courageous Conversation archive exists in our APM YouTube resource platform.

Posted on 2nd Jun 2020
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