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Nick Fewings masterclass on cracking the code was not only about improving team performance and retaining staff.

It was also about bringing the team together to be part of a great culture within the working environment. He showed a way of bringing the staff together by enhancing communication. Most importantly, his humorous way of introducing his friend, nicknamed Pita, made the event even more worthwhile.

Fewings experience of being the director of Barclays gave a brief idea on how to overcome failure. Fewing started his own business, a coaching company, which helped smaller companies achieve great things across the world. His experience and methods to improve company performance worked perfectly and have shown to deliver high performance with different countries, culture and people.

The event cracking the code was basically talking about his method of “THREE COMPONENETS, FOUR COLOURS”. It’s not something new but most of them did not take time to put together these three components that are basic building blocks of any team, People, Purpose and Measurement.

People. Fewing explained that as part of a team, everyone needs to know who is in your team and what their personality is. Using Fewings Method, a team leader can easily differentiate the team into four different colours. Or mix of colours which describe each individuals personality. Red for competitive, yellow for optimistic, green for nurturing; and blue for analytic. As a team leader, it is possible to build a great, valuable team by:

  • Understanding all personalities in the team
  • Understanding the positives and negatives of each individual
  • Helping individuals improve on their weaknesses
  • Encourage individuals to make use of their strengths

Fewing explained the importance of having a diverse team. Not just culturally, but also in terms of behaviour and psychological diversity. Then he spoke about finding and allocating the right personality to a task. One example suggesting that the ‘happy go lucky’ individual would not be suited to an accounting role. Fewing showed being a leader is understanding your team. So always keep a track on each team members reaction to the task assigned. Reading their reactions and learning to respond to them effectively makes a great leader. Which can subsequently help to build a great team.

Purpose. Fewing mentioned that having a purpose is one of the most important things. It is important that every member of a team understands the overall purpose. Furthermore, a truly great leader will further develop performance and purpose of their team. The “FOUR COLOURS” method, proposed by Fewing, explains that the overall team can be allocated a colour. Depending on the most appropriate personality that suits it. Moreover, Fewing found that the dominant personality in the team largely dictated the team colour. Helping the team to develop the right purpose.

Measurement. It is important to be able to measure what is working and what isn’t in a business. Then to implement improvements and measure how successful these are. In order implement future necessary changes. It is suggested that this method will improve team performance. One such tool that could help this is the 16-component tool.

Fewing concluded by showing his current business that used the methods above and many more to build a good business. So by visiting his website and can give a much more clear idea on this work and if you thing your business need improvement its worth a while to look into these websites. I would say that as being leader in many event at university societies I am glad that I came for the event as it give me a brief idea on how and where to improve and I believe who ever present at the event felt the same. In case you missed his excellent presentation and would like to know more about the Nice Fewing methods contact him through above mentioned websites and get yourself sorted.

Fewing concludes that by using the above methods, a strong business can be built. If you want to learn more visit and

Here you can gain better insight into improving your business further. From a personal perspective, I have led many events at university societies. And can safely say that I am glad to have attended this event. The event gave me an idea on how and where to improve. And I feel that others that attended felt the same. Fortunately, if you missed his presentation, you can contact him through the above sites. And he would be happy to provide more information.


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