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Setting up projects right – the criticality of requirements capture and management

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The APM North West branch conference is taking place on Tuesday 9 October, and members of the APM Systems Thinking SIG committee have contributed to the paper and session that will be running entitled Setting up project rights - the criticality of requirements capture and management authored by Nassar Majothi.

Beginning with the end in mind – the essence of requirements is to be able to describe what the goal of a project is.  The bigger, longer and more complex a project is the more difficult it becomes to capture the requirements from the outset. 

The talk will cover how to set up projects for success, using systems thinking principles, knowledge about why projects fail and practical insights from real case studies.  Essential aspects of requirements capture and management at the front end of projects will be explored from a whole system viewpoint including end-users, stakeholders, project leadership, technical and contractual aspects.  

The result of the talk and accompanying paper will be a holistic framework for requirements capture and management that will be of practical value to the audience.

How the systems engineering skill set can add value to your next project


Helen Nasser
APM Systems Thinking SIG committee member




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