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Posted by Kirsten on 20th Nov 2017

APM’s latest research fund study is seeking participants to further the profession’s understanding of the role and boundaries of governance when it comes to the overlap between ‘owners and operators’ and ‘projects and programmes’.

The study adopts a narrative approach and as such case studies, personal experiences and other relevant materials are valuable to support the project.

Interviews will be undertaken by research lead Dr Natalya Sergeeva, a lecturer in the management of projects at The Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, University College London (UCL).

With 15 interviews already undertaken Natalya said of the initial project findings: “Too tight a governance framework can stifle innovation. There is a need for flexibility and autonomy. Leadership plays a vital role in governance decisions about innovation.” 

She continued “by participating in the study you will help inform the latest thinking on this key topic both through the development of an academic paper to be published in the International Journal of Project Management and through the production of a research report which will be distributed in advance to all participants.”

Interviews will take no longer than an hour, and Natalya is prepared to travel to your location. To take part please contact Natalya directly via: n.sergeeva@ucl.ac.uk

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