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Think Differently event aims to redefine diversity for project professionals

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Think Differently, the upcoming virtual event by Association for Project Management (APM), is aiming to redefine how project professionals perceive and practice diversity, to promote greater innovation, adaptability and success within projects.

The five-day event, sponsored by Fujitsu, will emphasise the importance of creative thinking and diversity of thought as enablers of adaptability; an essential quality for individuals and organisations seeking to survive and thrive in a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

It will also show how greater equality, diversity and inclusion benefits projects and their outcomes. APM’s latest Salary and Market Trends Survey found that, when asked how diverse the profession is on a scale from zero to 10 (from “not at all” to “completely”) 46 per cent of respondents rated it as seven or higher, but some respondents also felt employers need to do more to attract a more diverse cohort and open doors to better career progression.

Think Differently will feature interactive workshops and networking opportunities, along with live sessions from expert speakers on topics including:

  • Human behaviour and performance
  • Making positive changes within organisations
  • The benefits of a diverse project team
  • Adaptable management during COVID-19
  • Taking an agile approach

Above all, the event aims to inspire people to reconsider how they think about diversity, to make it a state of mind for project professionals.

Hilary Trahair, events manager at APM, said: “The standard perception of diversity is that it is purely about ethnicity, gender and other characteristics. That is important, but we believe diversity is about much more; a way of thinking about people, projects and organisations.

“By redefining diversity as a state of mind, project professionals will be well placed to think creatively and put adaptability at the heart of their projects; vital at a time when rapid, unexpected change is the norm.”

Think Differently takes place between 21 to 25 September. Click here to register and start planning your week.


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