Webinar - Stakeholder management in a matrix organisation - 25th August 2015

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Posted by APM on 25th Aug 2015

On the 25th August 2015, APM Programme Management SIG hosted a highly attended webinar where Jake Holloway spoke on Stakeholder management in a matrix organisation.

In many organisations, projects are "co-ordination" rather than "secondment" based - that is, not all of the team members report to the programme manager. This matrix of responsibility means that functional managers are key stakeholders. This cause a number of issues and tensions between the project and functions, and also across multiple projects.

In this webinar Jake examined these issues and suggests stakeholder management tools and techniques to deal with them including:

  • Building your stakeholder map.
  • Creating a support v authority matrix.
  • Effective stakeholder communication, understanding you audience.
  • Prioritising your requests.
  • Stakeholder persuasion techniques, bulding stakeholder support.
  • Dealing with difficulties senior stakeholder rivalry, multi-supplier politics, etc.

This webinar was recorded and can be viewed below:

A copy of the slides that Jake used during his talk are also available to be viewed here:

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