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What does Chartered mean to you?

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Posted by Kirsten on 7th Aug 2017

There are many different routes to a career in project management, and the skills of the project professional are in demand across multiple sectors. Many people will train in a different specialism before becoming a project manager while for others it has been part of their career progression.

Professional project management has never been more vital or relevant. Technology and political change. Greater connectivity, climate change and economic uncertainly are establishing a new global norm. The Royal Charter is an internationally recognised mark of quality providing the profession with a platform to raise awareness of our skills, improve standards and develop our practice for the benefit of all.

As the Chartered body for the project profession, APM is currently consulting on the standard that will become the benchmark for professional project management through the Register of Chartered Project Professionals. 

What Charter means to you

To discover what Chartered status means to project professionals from different sectors and at different points in their career, we asked a selection of members of our board, APM members and non-members, what Chartered status means to them to gather a sense of the expectation project professionals hold around project management becoming a Chartered profession.

Careers hub

If you want to become a project manager but are not sure where to start check out our career pages where you can learn more about the qualifications and training available through APM and career opportunities available on our jobs board.

Share your career pathway

We want to inspire the next generation of project professionals by raising the profile and value of project management as a profession and through Chartered status, offer a clear professional development route. If you would like to share your career pathway, please get in touch with Cat Finlayson, APM corporate communications manager at

Chartered interviews


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