What does the profession want to see from its chartered status?

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The Register of Chartered Project Professionals is now open. Soon, Chartered Project Professionals will be delivering our nation’s projects.

So, what are our expectations for a future with chartered in the mix?  

In the latest APM Salary and Market Trends Survey, over 4,500 project professionals gave their view on the potential impacts that Chartered Project Professionals will have on industry and how important each is to them.

Ranked top with 69 per cent of respondents citing it is an important factor was an increase in the perception of project management as a profession. Closely followed was expectation of enhanced status at 68 percent.

And the high expectations don’t stop there. Drilling down into the data saw a wide range of priorities across all demographics including age, gender and seniority.

Nearly half (48 percent) of female project professionals expected chartered status to enhance their pay and career prospects. This compares to 40 per cent of male respondents.

Females also had higher expectations than men that chartered status would enhance the status of project professionals in the mind of the public. While male respondents were most confident that chartered would impact their status in their organisations

Individual status within their organisation was an important for many, but it was those at the start of their career this as most significant. Over a third of those aged 18-24 cited it as an important impact, so too did assistant project managers showing the highest response at 39 percent followed by 38 percent of programme support workers.

For those at the senior end of the profession including board members, company directors and those earning over £70k it was the status of the profession as a whole that would increase; with 75 percent claiming it as an important potential future impact of chartered status.

Add this to further findings that 63 percent of respondents believed that in the next five years project management and project delivery as a profession will be enhanced. The outlook seems positive.

While these are all possible impacts. The opening of the Register of Chartered Project Professionals will undoubtedly be a pivotal moment. Now is the time to ask yourself; how will it impact you? 

Posted on 17th May 2018
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