Project Management

in the Pharmaceutical, Life Science and Healthcare sectors

Over the last few years, individuals working in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and life science sectors have had to adopt the role of project manager with little to no formal training. As a result, professionals are having to juggle stakeholder expectations in addition to their day to day roles which is impacting project success.

We're Association for Project Management, the only chartered membership organisation in the world and we're supporting and equipping both organisations and project professionals with the training and skills required to deliver projects more effectively at a time where project management across these sectors has never been so important.

The five biggest challenges for life science projects

The life science event that took place in 2020 laid out some of the major challenges that the life sciences sector is facing. Attendees from across life sciences discussed the current conditions of the sector and what it means for projects.


Project managers working in pharmaceuticals

Massive initiatives in tackling deadly diseases are, in effect, complex programmes and result in excellent project management - emphasising that project managers do huge things, not just in infrastructure, but in many different environments.


Top 10 practical tips to enhance pharmaceutical project management capability 

Life science projects like pharmaceuticals take an average 12 years, billions of £ and only one in 250 drugs successfully reach the market.


The Golden Thread is our research report that we commissioned PwC to conduct back in 2019. The premise for the original report was to identify the size and contribution of project management to UK economic and social activity. This sectorial report, which is one of two follow ups to the original benchmarking report, focused on the contribution of the Healthcare (used as an umbrella term to include health, pharmaceutical and biotech sectors), charities and SMEs.

The research revealed that projects in the UK’s healthcare, and life science sectors are critical to the country, both due to the essential public function they provide and their contribution to the economy. PwC analysis estimated that projects in these areas contribute £17.5 billion to the UK economy annually and generate 223,800 full-time equivalent workers.

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Mind the gap: the human side of project management

The new world requires a different mindset and skillset to navigate the pitfalls of change delivery. In this podcast, Jo Stanford (Health Education England) and Sarbjit Hoskinson (ThermoFisher Scientific) discuss how they have tackled the cultural and behavioural shifts needed to embed change. 

Corporate Partner Programme

If you're ready to improve project management in the pharmaceutical, healthcare or life science sector then our Corporate Partnership Programme is for you and your organisation.

The APM Corporate Partnership Programme is aimed at organisations who are ready to develop their project management capability and community, who want to learn from each other and be aligned to the only chartered body for the project profession in the world.

You will join like-minded professionals from different organisations, large and small, with the same passion for the profession as you.

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