Project management apprenticeships

APM, the chartered body of the project profession, believes that apprenticeships are essential to assist the growth of the project management profession. That’s why we’ve teamed up with employers to develop apprenticeship that help to grow and develop talented project managers.

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Trailblazer apprenticeships 

Trailblazer apprenticeships are the new Standards for apprenticeships. They are developed by employers to meet the knowledge, skills and behaviors needed in each occupation and improve the quality of apprenticeships. This new Standard is designed to replace the previous Higher Apprenticeship level 4 in England. 

APM is part of a Trailblazer employer group, led by Sellafield Ltd, which has developed the new Associate Project Manager Apprenticeship Standard at level 4.

The Associate Project Manager apprenticeship standard has a typical two year duration. The Standard includes the IPMA Level D on-programme assessment which is the APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ).

Do you live and work in Scotland or Wales?

You can still become an apprentice.

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What is different about Trailblazer Apprenticeships?

Trailblazer apprenticeships are Apprenticeship standards designed by trailblazer group for a specific job role.

Where are Trailblazer apprenticeships available?

Trailblazers are currently available in England. For apprenticeship in Scotland and Wales, please click here.

Who can take a Trailblazer apprenticeship standard

You need to be 16 or over and living and working in England. 

You will need to have achieved a minimum of grade C or above in at least 5 GCSEs including English and Mathematics, and hold a minimum of 120 UCAS points, or equivalent.

Organisations who recruit for Apprenticeship vacancies will have their own requirements.

What is a Trailblazer group?

It is a partnership of employers who develop an apprenticeship standard.

Who provides Trailblazer apprenticeships?

Different employers provide trailblazer apprenticeships. Click here for more details.

Are Apprenticeships paid positions?

Yes. An apprentice is an employee therefore they must be paid at least the national minimum pay. 

The salary varies according to the employer and apprenticeship scheme.

How do Apprenticeships work?

An apprentice is an employee who is funded for the apprenticeship for training and assessment to the Associate Project Manager level 4 apprenticeship standard for two years. The apprentice gains a Project Management Qualification at IPMA level D while on programme and completes an end point assessment for the apprenticeship standard.

How many hours a week must I work and do I get annual leave?

Employers will usually require full time hours for an apprenticeship. 

Flexible working and annual leave will depend upon the employer’s HR policies.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship in my area?

You apply for an apprenticeship vacancy. Look for vacancies for Associate Project Manager in your area and /or chosen industry.  

We suggest that you conduct a web search for “Project Management apprenticeships near me”. This will provide the nearest vacancies.

I'm educated to a Higher National Diploma, would I still be eligible for an apprenticeship?

Yes, you probably would be.

I am interested in applying for an apprenticeship however my last qualification was an NVQ Level 2 in Business which I gained early in my career.

The entry criteria is a typical guideline and employer’s individual criteria will vary. Employers may take employment experience into account as well as formal qualifications.

I am a BSc graduate and also have a Postgraduate certificate in project management. As I am having difficulties getting into project management I wanted to know if apprenticeship would be a good idea?

The level 4 apprenticeship would probably not be the best route for you to take. APM are currently working with Trailblazer employers to develop new degree level apprenticeships. APM also offer project management qualifications which would be suitable for your experience. Sere our other qualifications

I have taken a look at your website and can see that in most occasions this would require a certain amount of UCAS points. I did complete A-Level study but did not achieve good grades, how should I best move forward?

The UCAS points are a typical guideline. This should not deter you from applying to individual employers.

I am currently studying A levels/ BTEC etc.; What is the 2017 UCAS new tariff for the Associate Project Manager which is the equivalent to the 120 UCAS points on the old tariff?

48 UCAS points on the 2017 tariff

I was wondering if I am eligible for any apprenticeship placements as I am now 30?

Apprenticeships are available to anyone over the age of 16, therefore you should apply if you are living and working in England.

I’m looking for a career change and feel that project management could be a wise choice. However, I’m 45 and have no experience. I’m happy to do a course and study, but would someone of my age be accepted on an apprenticeship?

As apprenticeships are available at any age over 16 if you are living and working in England you should apply. Some employers and recruitment agencies are particularly interested in mature applicants.

Do you have work-placements available?

The APM doesn’t currently have work placement or apprenticeship opportunities available.

Does the APM provide end point assessment for the Associate Project Manager standard?

APM isn’t an end point assessment organisation for the standard.

Who can provide end point assessment for the Associate Project Manager?

The most up to date information on End Point Assessment Organisations can be found on the Register of End Point assessment organisations. 

Register of end-point assessment organisations

Where can I find out more about the funding rules for apprenticeships?

Where can I find out more about apprenticeships, making an application and finding apprenticeship opportunities?

There is information about opportunities and searching for an apprenticeship on the National Apprenticeships Service website; and on the Government; website

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