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Our Project Management Salary and Market Trends Survey continues to paint a clear picture of the employment landscape, offering a comprehensive overview of salaries, working life and the future trends that will have the biggest impact on project management.

We continue to work with global research company YouGov to survey project professionals across multiple sectors, including both APM members and non-members. The findings will be of interest not only to project professionals, but also recruiters, employers and those considering a project management-related career.

2021 survey results released

Our Salary and Market Trends Survey took place between 2 and 30 November 2020 against a backdrop that few could have predicted 12 months before.

Working once again with YouGov, the survey captured not only the facts and figures shaping the project profession – from salary levels and age profile to project size and location – but also created a snapshot of a profession dealing with the impact of a global pandemic.

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Project management salary calculator

Use our salary calculator to find out the average project professional wage based on job title, sector, location and experience. See how your salary compares. 

Please note that the mean is used for the average salaries in the calculator.

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