"Managing the Portfolio" series  

The 'Managing the Portfolio' series of thought leadership reports, authored by Peter Glynne, provide a brief and practical insight into the journey to implement and embed portfolio management within an organisation. They are targeted at leaders of change who want to make a sustainable difference.

The reports step through four key stages of thinking, providing meaningful insight into the practical issues facing leaders of change across all industry sectors. They challenge existing thinking and provide a fresh perspective on what makes portfolio management successful. The four reports in the series are: 

  • Recognising the need to change: six telling signs – published May 2017 
  • Making sense of change and gaining visibility: six signals of success – published May 2018 
  • Prioritising and compromising: shaping the pathway 
  • Leading and optimising the change: delivering the overall prize - published May 2019


 The APM's portfolio management SIG are sure that you will find the reports valuable and they look forward to your thoughts and feedback.

Portfolio Management SIG

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