APM Portfolio Management SIG Conference - Portfolio Management in a Digital Age

 The concept of Portfolio Management is now well established with general agreement over what the outputs of good Portfolio Management should be. However much of the original thinking around Portfolio Management is based on traditional views. So where does this leave traditional Portfolio Management – and how should we react so that we can accommodate these demands whilst still providing a controlled Portfolio that delivers the Organisation’s Strategy?

This sixth Portfolio Management SIG annual conference, sponsored by Hyde Park Solutions, looked at how a range of major organisations have attempted to tackle these different challenges, it asked what is hard and what is solved about these conundrums and looked at where traditional portfolio management must change and where it must fight to stay the same! 

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APM Portfolio Management Specific Interest Group (SIG)

The APM Portfolio Management SIG aims to support everyone interested in PfM by promoting awareness of latest practices, researching new ideas, developing new approaches, and providing ways to share experiences and debate challenges. The SIG's intention is to be a major contributor to the future development of PfM through encouraging and facilitating cross-professional collaboration.

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