APM will welcome exhibitors from a variety of industries to the APM Portfolio Management SIG Conference and is proud to offer delegates the opportunity to network with a number of diverse organisations involved in the Portfolio Management profession.


Amplify is an enterprise software solution for Strategy Execution Management.  With features such as business goals and target setting, dependency maps, schedule, benefit and cost tracking, stage gate workflows with approvals, and a suite of reporting options, you can use Amplify to:

  • Select the portfolio of initiatives that best aligns with your organisation’s strategic goals.
  • Drive the successful execution of large-scale programmes with a central repository of initiatives and monitor their progress and bottom-line impact in real-time.
  • Track and monitor progress towards organisational goals by business unit or function.

Amplify promotes a visual approach that is intuitive for all users.

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SharpCloud enables executive management to make better decisions through the presentation of visual relationships across their entire enterprise risk and programme portfolio.

"SharpCloud is a great tool for executives looking for meaningful insight across the business. Here at Network Rail our enterprise risk team has created visually intuitive business risk stories for review with the board. 

These SharpCloud stories have allowed us to uncover new insight around the strength of relationships between risks and projects. Without SharpCloud these strategic discussions would be much less productive and less meaningful."

Helen Hunter-Jones, Head of Group Risk. 
Network Rail working with Sharpcloud won the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) Global Risk Award 2016.

SharpCloud for Enterprise Risk Management Teams
Download our ERM ebook: www.sharpcloud.com/risk-management

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Underscore Group

Underscore Group helps organisations build sustainable capability in Project delivery. Our three business streams ensure a comprehensive service offering to support your business.

Our Consultancy business brings you Programme Leadership and Direction, supported by proven tools and methodologies in delivering HR projects and can help you realise operational and bottom-line benefits while avoiding common pitfalls that waste time and money.

Our Project Resourcing capability gives you direct access to the best specialist project resources and support building changed focused HR teams and our Training Services team can help build your team’s capability to manage and lead change and develop their project management and technical skills.

We can help you achieve sustainable results through our unique experience. Working with your organisation, teams and individual employees we can help you build the sustainable capability needed to survive in today’s fast moving, rapidly evolving, competitive market.

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