Penny Pullan

Dr Penny Pullan contributed the Facilitation (3.1.4) and Virtual Teams (3.2.2) sections of the latest APM Body of Knowledge. An experienced project and programme manager, she has helped others to develop their own creative collaboration and virtual leadership skills for the last 12 years through her consultancy Making Projects Work Ltd.

She runs a yearly, open facilitation programme for project professionals:

Her books include:

‘Virtual Leadership: Practical strategies for getting the best out of virtual work and virtual teams’ (Kogan Page), ‘Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing change’ (Kogan Page, co-edited with James Archer) and ‘A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management’ (Gower, co-authored with Ruth Murray Webster). Her next book is due out in 2020 and is entitled: ‘Making Workshops Work: Creative collaboration for our time’’ and contributions are welcome!

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