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Canary Wharf

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50 Projects Canary Wharf

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Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf on east London’s Isle of Dogs consists of former historic docklands reimagined as one of the world’s most iconic business, residential and leisure districts. Known for housing the European headquarters of many international banks, Canary Wharf’s imposing skyscrapers are both an assertion of London’s strength as a global financial centre and a powerful symbol of urban regeneration. When the first of its many office buildings, the towering One Canada Square, opened in 1991 it was the tallest building in the UK. The successful regeneration at Canary Wharf spurred a wave of similar renewal projects across London which continue to this day.

“[One Canada Square] is by any standard a triumph of ambition, commitment and collaboration. It will breathe life into Canary Wharf, allowing us to continue our transformation of the rest of the wharf.” – Paul Reichmann, chairman of developer Olympia & York, speaking in 1991

Paddington is 17 minutes away and Liverpool Street just six via the new Canary Wharf Elizabeth line (Crossrail) station

54% of the jobs in local borough Tower Hamlets are at Canary Wharf

17.2 million sq ft of office and retail space has been created so far