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Howdon and Bran Sands Gas to Grid plants

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Howdon and Bran Sands Gas to Grid plants

It may not be the most appealing idea but using anaerobic digestion to turn sewage into biogas – and then electricity – is potentially an important part of the transition to net zero. It’s a concept that Northumbrian Water has successfully put to the test at two so-called Gas to Grid plants in the North East. The two sites were adapted to extract methane from processed sewage from 2012 onwards and are now fully operational. The gas produced can be burnt to generate enough electricity for 12,000 homes, and the remaining solid waste can be used as environmentally friendly fertiliser for agriculture.

“We are leading the water industry in pushing the bounds of technology” – Richard Warneford, wastewater director at Northumbrian Water

The two plants are 50% more efficient than most anaerobic digestion facilities

100% of Northumbrian Water’s sewage is now used to create biogas

30,000,000m3 of biogas is produced each year