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APM is keen to support all students at all levels regarding their research into the management of projects. Our research department encourages students to submit their surveys and would like to see the project management community becoming involved by completing the surveys, if applicable, and answering questions which will assist students in their studies.

Your input will help to develop the knowledge base of project management and drive the profession forward.

List of current research by students:

The following is a list of current and recent requests from students for assistance and contributions to aid their research activities. Please note that some of these are date sensitive.

Performance Measurement for Construction Projects


As construction projects advance and become more complicated, practitioners and researchers always deliberate on performance improvement. However, it is even ambiguous about what is performance and how shall we measure it.

This Ph.D. research aims to build a performance measurement model for construction projects from the contractor's perspective.

The survey contains 27 questions and will take no more than 8 minutes to complete.

Confidentiality and anonymity will be guaranteed. All the information will be only utilized for this research.

Target Audience

Qualified Respondents: Anyone has once participated in any construction project as the CONTRACTOR are qualified.


Closing date

31st December 2019

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How does the early inclusion of a Project Manager mitigate Project Change by ensuring an initial Quality Design?


This questionnaire compares the inclusion of Northern Ireland Construction Procurement Policy - Achieving Excellence Guidance (AE04-Design Quality and AE09-Risk and Value Management) with the use of a Project Manager through the NEC3 ECC contract form, against the outcomes of project-change.

AE09 Design Quality is a guidance document aimed at achieving a clients design goals to the highest standards which can be measured through Design Quality Indicators (DQIs) achieving functionality, impact, and build quality. In order to achieve this, AEO4 encourages the early involvement of the project team to provide expert advice, and have provided a Gateway review to implement to successfully achieve Design Quality.

AE04 Risk and Value Management is a guidance document aimed at achieving early project risk identification, and early opportunities for enhancing project whole-life value. In order to achieve risk identification, a risk register should be implemented from the project outset and allocate risk responsibility to the party best equipped to deal with it (e.g. project design risk). The risk register should be maintained throughout the project and regularly updated with no project risks identified. Further to this, AE04 also identifies value management as a mechanism which should be used in sync with risk management to identify opportunities for project value within time, budget and quality. This is not a cost-cutting tool. To be successful a Gateway review has been issued which is inclusive of project concept through to building maintenance.

The NEC3 ECC is a contract form which encourages good management through the use of a Project Manager, who encourages a good relationship between the two parties to the construction contract. Further to this, the NEC3 ECC has finance and design flexibility control through its 'main option' A-F.

The aim of the questionnaire is to identify if the early involvement of a Project Manager prior to construction can reduce the volume of effects caused by project-change stemming from an unclear design at procurement.

This questionnaire is relevant to the Northern Ireland (NI) Construction Industry or those who have experience within procurement in NI.

This survey is not exclusive to NEC3 ECC users.

Target Audience

Project Managers, Designers, Architects, Principle Contractors

Closing date

13th September 2019

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Assessment of Education and or Training Background of Effective Project Managers in International Engineering (or Oil and Gas) Companies (IOC)


Project managers (engineers) are key drivers and are essential to delivering projects successfully through the utilization of their competencies, which they were not born with. Of interest to the researcher is the role of the education and or training obtained, on the level of effectiveness of project managers in the oil and gas industry.

Kindly join to participate in this questionnaire which is entirely confidential, anonymous and does not collect any contact details. The research has received Southampton Business School’s Ethics approval.

Please kindly help to forward to your contacts, anyone in the oil and gas industry, engineering sector, who has managed at least a project before or had project management training. Thanks!

Target Audience

Project managers in the oil and gas industry with at least three years of experience.

The respondent should reflect at least one of the following:

  • A degree in project/engineering management education (such as college diploma, university bachelor, university masters, PhD.).
  • A degree in non-project/engineering management education that does not have any (or has) project management unit of study/subject(s)/course(s) undertaken.
  • Has a project management professional certification obtained through training and or examination.

Closing date

6th September 2019

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