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APM is keen to support all students at all levels regarding their research into the management of projects. Our research department encourages students to submit their surveys and would like to see the project management community becoming involved by completing the surveys, if applicable, and answering questions which will assist students in their studies.

Your input will help to develop the knowledge base of project management and drive the profession forward.

List of current research by students:

The following is a list of current and recent requests from students for assistance and contributions to aid their research activities. Please note that some of these are date sensitive.

Performance Measurement for Construction Projects


As construction projects advance and become more complicated, practitioners and researchers always deliberate on performance improvement. However, it is even ambiguous about what is performance and how shall we measure it.

This Ph.D. research aims to build a performance measurement model for construction projects from the contractor's perspective.

The survey contains 27 questions and will take no more than 8 minutes to complete.

Confidentiality and anonymity will be guaranteed. All the information will be only utilized for this research.

Target Audience

Qualified Respondents: Anyone has once participated in any construction project as the CONTRACTOR are qualified.

Closing date

31st December 2019

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Agile Practices Befitting for SMEs: Non IT Based Projects within the Manufacturing Industry


According to the federation of small businesses, Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) account for 99.3% of all United Kingdom (UK) private sector business, making significant contributions to the national economy (Lorenzon, V. 2016). The scope and importance of the contribution made by SMEs has long been researched and recognized, along with the increasingly important role that effective project management can play in their success (Pollack, J. 2014). However, Managers at SMEs can often be reluctant in adopting recognized project management methodologies - and appointing project management professionals – discouraged by the complexity and lack of understanding.

Data published by Project Managements Solutions (2014) suggests that larger organizations are far more likely to have project management processes in place compared to small to medium organizations, yet project management processes have been proven to improve project success (Murphy, A & Ledwith, A. 2007) and productivity (Pollack, J. 2014) within SMEs.
Turner, R et al. (2012) points to research conducted by Thomas and Mullay (2008) which purports that there must be alignment between the project management methods, the character of the organization and the type of projects being executed. This supports Turner, R et al. (2012) hypothesis that SMEs require a less traditional form of project management. SMEs are in need of processes which are uncomplicated, minimalistic and concentrated toward the organizations associates which also aligns with the culture of the organization (Turner, R et al. (2012); Meister, W. (2006); Pollack, J. (2014).

This study seeks to establish whether agile project management processes (applied to non IT based projects for SMEs within the manufacturing industry has the potential to minimize cost and time within the requirements of an SME ((Lorenzon, V. 2016) providing a more suitable project management methodology for these organizations.

Target Audience

Respondents delivering projects within the manufacturing industry who's organisation is categorized as a SME

Closing date

13th December 2019

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