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APM is keen to support all students at all levels regarding their research into the management of projects. Our research department encourages students to submit their surveys and would like to see the project management community becoming involved by completing the surveys, if applicable, and answering questions which will assist students in their studies.

Your input will help to develop the knowledge base of project management and drive the profession forward.

List of current research by students:

The following is a list of current and recent requests from students for assistance and contributions to aid their research activities. Please note that some of these are date sensitive.

BIM-Lean Implementation to Enhance Efficiency and Productivity in UK Construction Project


The purpose of this research is to develop a set of guidelines to facilitate the enhancement of information flow during the pre-construction design phase by implementing BIM-Lean tools and techniques.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to understand of the current knowledge and the use of tools currently being used to transfer information through the project lifecycle.

Your participation in this research project is completely voluntary. You may decline altogether or leave any questions blank you don’t wish to answer. There are no known risks to participation beyond those encountered in everyday life. Your responses will remain confidential and anonymous. Data from this research will be kept under lock and key and reported only as a collective combined total. No one other than the researcher will know your answers to this questionnaire.

For taking part in this study, you do not have to have experience with BIM or Lean Construction; I am seeking to fully understand the current situation in the UK Construction Industry from the industry's professionals.


Target audience

UK Construction Industry

Closing date

1st December 2018

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Impact of leadership behaviour on project performance


This questionnaire is designed to help assess the impact of leadership behaviour on project performance and will be used in a MSc dissertation study. 

Closing date

22nd December

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Critical Success Factors in Mega-project Management

Target audience

Project professionals involved in Mega-projects


The aim of this research is to explore critical success factors in megaproject management in the different project phases, including beyond completion phase. Megaprojects are becoming increasingly important, as a necessity to improve livelihood or to offer competitiveness through landmark constructions like airports, stadiums and other public facilities. The functionalities of what the project created are scrutinised by the public; the ultimate evaluation of project success.

Traditionally, a project is considered complete when the project team hands over the deliverables to the beneficiaries. Post-completion is not considered as part of the project management evaluation. This research intends to explore if post-project completion evaluation is of critical importance to megaproject management.


You are cordially invited to participate in my research. In order to satisfy the requirements of the University's Ethics requirements, kindly click on the link to the Participant Information Sheet to read and understand your rights if you participate in the research. All respondents remain anonymous in the dissertation. If you do agree to respond to the survey, please kindly click on the link to the Participant Consent Form and kindly read, sign and return by email to the email address as indicated on the Information Sheet.

Participant Information Sheet -!Aun5TEQAhAXNjW-UqSQrplnZvHna

Participant Consent Form -!Aun5TEQAhAXNjXGj9DjDyNpuSfNJ

Closing date

15th December

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