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APM is keen to support all students at all levels regarding their research into the management of projects. Our research department encourages students to submit their surveys and would like to see the project management community becoming involved by completing the surveys, if applicable, and answering questions which will assist students in their studies.

Your input will help to develop the knowledge base of project management and drive the profession forward.

List of current research by students:

The following is a list of current and recent requests from students for assistance and contributions to aid their research activities. Please note that some of these are date sensitive.

Exploring the Use of Project Governance in the Advanced Therapies Industry: A Qualitative Study (2018-2019)


The literature on the use of project governance has been steadily growing since the early 1990s including studies investigating whether it can be shown to have benefited project success. These studies cover a range of industries but to date no one has looked at the area of advanced therapies (ATMPs). This study aims to fill that research gap by gathering data on the current use of project governance in ATMP development projects and gain an insight into how people in the field define project governance and its attendant structures. The concept of "success" will also be considered.

Target audience

Those involved in the management of advanced therapy projects including cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine

Closing date

14 March 2019

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Small Project Management


Small projects - every company undergoes them, but how efficient do you run them? What are the problems with applying a large project management framework to small projects, and how can they be solved efficiently? Also, is there a minimum amount of project management that is required for the success of the project?

To answer these questions, I am surveying to find out how members of industry view and adapt their project management processes for small projects. The survey should take approximately 20 minutes and can be completed at 

Closing date

8th March 2019

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Stakeholders' perception of green roofs

The research invites all Construction Project Managers to share their views on green roofs by participating in this brief, anonymous questionnaire entitled: "Stakeholders's perceptions of green roofs".

The aim of the research is to find out how Construction Project Managers - representing their clients - perceive green roofs through technical and aesthetical reasoning, may this be through experience or simply by visual impressions. Why did the clients want a green roof? What were the technical drivers? What were the aesthetical motivations?

It is a brief, anonymous questionnaire, compliant with data protection, ethics approved by UWE and will last no more than 8 minutes.

Closing date

16th March 2019

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