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Top tips for The Apprentices

Who would have thought that the topic of the current series of the Apprentice would have generated so much activity in the project management blogosphere? Almost as much as the Linkedin discussion on what should be the project managers theme tune - 79 comments and counting! In the Parallel Training blog, Paul Naybour has been talking about Lord Sugars capability as the project sponsor which prompted the question about which project His Lordship  is actually sponsoring? Answer the one that maximises his personal profile and the BBCs ratings.

The case for portfolio management

Not so long ago I was involved in a fairly extensive piece of research (the report eventually ran to over 50,000 words) for the Cabinet Office looking at the case for portfolio management.

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Scott Walkinshaw

Are the soft skills too soft?

Every few months the soft versus hard skills debate resurrects in the pages of Project magazine.

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James Simons

The real measure of success

Well, it has been another record year for GCSE pass rates the 23rd straight year in a row! When the decision was taken to merge O Level and CSE systems in 1986, few could have predicted that such consistently high results would follow.

How can we manage knowledge?

Knowledge management is a growing field, with many organisations developing a knowledge management department.