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Elizabeth Harrin

4 Steps in the stakeholder life cycle

You’ll be familiar with the idea of a project having a life cycle: work begins, is carried out, is completed and delivered, hopefully creating something that adds value to the organisation.

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Matty Pendergast

When the facts change, I change my mind

After 20 years of delivering public sector projects, now more than ever, a depressingly common theme is emerging, which is that key public sector projects and programmes are failing to deliver.

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Gordon MacKay

The nature and metrics of project leadership

Just as the function of stakeholder management has been overtaken by the need to secure engaged relations, so too traditional project management planning skills and metrics are not well suited to meet emerging challenges in project delivery.

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Nigel Beecroft

What's coming up in the Programme Management SIG

After hosting the final APM face to face conference before the Covid-19 pandemic struck and then the first event when physical attendance events were resumed in early 2022, it’s with some irony that the Programme Management SIG Conference did not stage an event in 2023.