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AI’s role in reshaping project delivery

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April was another huge month for artificial intelligence (AI), demonstrating its capability not only to innovate but also to transform traditional processes and workflows. At Project Flux we capture these key moments in our weekly newsletter, revealing how AI is setting new benchmarks in project delivery.

Our round-up this month explores significant AI developments, addresses challenges and celebrates new initiatives like the launch of our podcast.

AI's leadership and innovation

As AI continues to redefine technological frontiers, OpenAI has notably positioned itself as a leader in this evolving field. The widespread adoption of its models across industries marks a pivotal shift towards more efficient and intelligent systems, setting a high benchmark that will be challenging for Google and others to catch up with, though they will undoubtedly make the effort.

These models offer enhanced decision-making capabilities, predictive analytics and automation features that streamline operations and foster innovative solutions.

Highlights from IPA paper and Project Data Analytics Taskforce meet-up

In March, an Infrastructure and Projects Authority (IPA) paper endorsed the transformative role of AI in government project delivery. The report emphasises data and AI’s potential to dramatically improve accuracy and efficiency in project delivery.

The Project Data Analytics Taskforce meet-up at Gleeds’ office in April brought together industry leaders to discuss the integration of AI in project delivery processes. The collaborative environment of this meet-up highlighted the growing importance of data-driven decision-making and the significant benefits it holds for the construction and legal sectors.

The five key themes from the IPA paper and Project Data Analytics Taskforce meet-up are:

  1. enhancing data skills and capability at scale to meet future needs
  2. improving data availability and setting standards for project data
  3. fostering evidence-based decision-making through better data infrastructure
  4. experimenting together through pilots to innovate in project delivery
  5. building data partnerships with professional bodies, academia and industry to lead in project delivery

Open-source release of Llama 3

Released in April, the open-source Llama 3 by Meta, the creators of Facebook, promises a democratisation of AI tools, allowing more firms to leverage advanced analytics to refine their project delivery methods, reduce costs and improve timelines.

Llama 3’s open-source nature, which grants users greater control over their data, is an advantage over other tools, such as ChatGPT. This is particularly crucial for businesses that prioritise data privacy and wish to tailor their AI services. Llama 3 invites innovation and customisation, enabling users to modify the tool in ways that best suit their project requirements. has announced that it will be rolling it out in the UK soon.

Project managers' concerns over AI expectations

Despite the enthusiasm surrounding AI, there is a growing concern among project managers about the unrealistic expectations set by these technologies. The fear that AI might overpromise and underdeliver creates a cautious atmosphere. Our article addressed these concerns, discussing the need for realistic planning and the integration of AI tools that genuinely complement human expertise instead of replacing it.

Project Flux Podcast launch

April marked the launch of the Project Flux Podcast, a new show that I host, where we delve deeper into AI’s impact on project delivery profession. The podcast aims to demystify AI and discuss its practical implications, bringing expert opinions and industry insights directly to our listeners. You can find the podcast and subscribe on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.


April has indeed been a whirlwind of activities at Project Flux. From ground-breaking tools and insightful papers to addressing industry apprehensions and launching our podcast, the trajectory of AI continues to ascend, promising more innovations and transformations. As we move forward, Project Flux remains committed to exploring these developments and guiding our audience through the evolving landscape of AI.


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  1. Ashok Singha
    Ashok Singha 30 May 2024, 05:32 PM

    James For Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, How do you envision AI transforming project management roles beyond administration and manual tasks? What skills will project managers need to acclimate? As an expert in managing international projects, how do you see AI impacting cross-border project delivery? Are there specific challenges or opportunities we as Managers can take and run with?