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We have appointed Simon Taylor following a selection process involving the volunteer community and he now acts as branch and SIG ‘champion’. Simon and I were at the volunteers’ forum which met near Cambridge earlier this month, and we were both at Mike Ward’s workshop on the future direction and composition of SIGs (Specific Interest Groups). There were about 100 people at the forum, and about half were in Mike’s workshop so we got some direct grass-roots feedback.

Some people ask me whether the Board is just a ‘talking shop’, but I believe that together with the CEO we are really delivering modernisation at the APM.

There are some big improvements coming up that we initiated last year, and are now about to go live.

We are in the process of completely refreshing the APM website and moving the membership database to a modern cloud based system. The new system will have industry standard  security and provide a broad range of essential management information as well as service members better.

We agreed that the process to apply for full membership should be streamlined and approved changes to the MAPM standard to extend its applicability to a broader range of project professionals.

By the way: we also noted that there may be many members out there who have been MAPMs who have made a significant contribution to the profession.  If you have been a member for more than five years I encourage you to apply to become a Fellow (FAPM).

Of course, we also have good news the judicial process is over and we await the next steps in the process. The official statement is here.

Brian Wernham

Posted by Brian Wernham on 6th Apr 2016

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Brian is an APM Board Member, and has been a Committee Member of the APM Governance Specific Interest Group where he has been deeply involved for 10 years. He is co-authoring the new ‘Agile Governance’ guide with Adrian Pyne, and he project managed the 2nd edition of the popular 'Directing Change' booklet, and co-authored 'Co-Directing Change' and 'Sponsoring Change'. He also plays the ukulele, walks the labrador and implements large programmes of work.

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