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Every single WIPM Conference is worth a million dollars

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Did you know that nearly one million workers in the UK suffer from work-related stress, depression or anxiety? It's not surprising that so many projects fail.

The challenge is how to think differently to ensure project success and avoid burnout. In the afternoon session of the Women in Project Management Conference 2023, we will discuss ways to recognise stress triggers and effectively deal with stressful situations at work. Only by supporting fellow experts we can achieve our collective ambition of improving our performance as leaders. Nothing is better at lift my mood than a conference room buzzing with fellow women professionals.

Attracting women to project management is not an easy task and maintaining and growing them is even more challenging. What could help in retaining women in the project management space is by designing a career progression roadmap that should involve learning how to deal with anxiety and distress. Intelligent, more sustainable project management remodelling includes practical techniques to combat workplace stress and sharing years of practical experience and skillsets plays a central and decisive role in helping fellow project professionals bridge the gap between theory and application. Another way to ensure women are included is by perusing APM qualifications and using these to engage and operate much more astutely.

At the next WIPM conference, we’re eager to enhance leadership skills and empower project teams by harvesting our diversity and inclusion within transformational projects. We will be celebrating our achievements, personal growth and professional development which I’m sure can easily add up to a million dollars. I’m looking forward to hearing from many inspirational, exquisite speakers from various backgrounds and discipline and both themes of 'Strategies for Progressing your Career' and 'Think Differently: Project Success from the Inside Out' resonate with me. Admittedly, I’m struggling to decide which session to attend! But my preference is to attend as many of the interactive sessions as possible.

Having previously met Prof Adam Boddison, CEO of APM, I'm looking forward to his opening remarks. Dame Inga Beale, Portfolio Director and Workplace Equality Advocate, has achieved what most of us strive for, so I'm looking for practical tips on promoting diversity and building a portfolio of non-executive director roles for various multinational companies. Mastering emotional intelligence is high on my agenda and I plan to join the interactive morning session to learn more about developing these skills, which are critical to navigating the maze of social interactions. Lunchtime networking activities with facilitated topic tables are perfect for catching up with old friends like Marion Thomas. Dr Tammy Watchorn, the author of The Change Ninja Handbook, who will be talking at the session Thinking Differently About Change afternoon that I will attend.

Meanwhile, our session is at 3:35pm: how to manage stress in a project management environment. The closing remarks by our Board Chair, Milla Mazilu, Principal Programme Controls Manager at Network Rail Wales and Western Region is a colleague I've known for years and a woman professional I greatly admire.

In my heart of hearts, I'd strongly recommend you phone today, sign up with the Association for Project Managers (APM) and join us.

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  1. Sunchana Johnston
    Sunchana Johnston 10 September 2023, 10:03 AM

    Scott Crittell, FAPM CHPP via LinkedIn: ‘When the author of this blog wondered if I may help to publicise the Women in Project Management Conference of the APM (Chartered Body for Project Management) on the 21st of September, London, I was delighted and very keen to do so. Why? We simply need as many women in project management as possible. I have worked with a number of female project professionals who were excellent professionals but they always also added a different point of view and engagement in a project team. To have a world in which all projects succeed and to deliver projects to the benefit of all means you need input from all sources and age groups that should start with inclusivity of both sexes within projects. I would encourage anyone who is able to attend (male as well as female) to attend the conference and though tickets are nearly sold out you can also join the waitlist for returns to this event should tickets be sold out when you read this post. #apm #projectmanagement

  2. Sunchana Johnston
    Sunchana Johnston 10 September 2023, 10:05 AM

    Jonathan Norman, FRSA FAPM via LinkedIn article: ‘I remember exhibiting at the early WiPM conferences in my days as publisher at Gower. I think it is a wonderful example of what you can achieve if you put your mind to it when I see that this is now the most significant of all the APM's subsidiary conferences. Should be a brilliant event.‘

  3. Sunchana Johnston
    Sunchana Johnston 10 September 2023, 10:08 AM

    Marion Thomas, CPCC CHPP FAPM via LinkedIn articles: ‘I am so excited about the forthcoming WiPM conference. There isn't an APM event I haven't enjoyed but, for me, WiPM is the best. Read the article to find out why.