Help - I'm a project manager, get me out of this mess!

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You have to feel sorry for those poor Apprentices trying their hardest to be project managers under the scrutiny of Lord Sugar and all for the benefit of entertaining the viewing public. Whatever you may think about their titles bringing the reputation of professional project management into disrepute, actually they represent a very large proportion of the UK workforce – project managers in name only -  no experience, no skills, no-one to turn to for help in their hour of need.

Professionals of APM – now is your time to do what professionals should – share your learning born of experience at the real coalface with those in need. So, what hints and tips, what gems of knowledge would you impart to this hapless group?

With your help, APM will compile a top ten tips for would-be project managers which we’ll send to the BBC in the hope that someone will pass them on to those who survive this week’s cull!


Posted by APM on 13th Oct 2010

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