How can we manage knowledge?

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Knowledge management is a growing field, with many organisations developing a knowledge management department. Whilst APM isnt quite going that far, we will be developing a role to manage our growing knowledge assets.

Im a member of a linked-in discussion group on knowledge management, and a comment in a discussion group there caught my eye. It suggested that what we should be doing is facilitating a bit by creating the conditions so that other people can take the initiative and follow their hearts.

APM has tried to create conditions for this to happen with its online community, and there have been a number of lively discussions on a range of topics. What we shall now be trying to do is distilling the essence of where a debate or discussion has got to in the form of a Web-briefing so that the key thoughts and ideas are not lost then re-booting the discussion with that summary. This will, we hope, iteratively, build a collaborative view on that topic, which we can then develop into a more formal structure whatever suits really, from a full blown section in the Body of Knowledge to a simple check-list around a project management activity.

So please all carry on nattering on the web, and well try to make the outputs a bit more manageable from time to time, and see what develops.


Posted by on 5th Aug 2010

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