New trends in project management

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What do the following ideas have in common?

  • Innovation
  • Project entrepreneurship
  • Dealing with time critical projects
  • Re-discovering the human element
  • Projects within organisations
  • Blowback and the unintended consequences of decisions
  • Selling project management to executives
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Collective action
  • Social change

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Project managers are continuously challenged to deliver more with less whilst improving the track record of project delivery. Fresh insights into how people and teams work, how to lead in complex and dynamic environments and how to improve delivery capability continue to emerge in different areas and domains.

Yet we often hear about the projects that do not work.  But what about the truly amazing projects that succeed? Where are they celebrated? What new ideas and perspectives might become available? How do we find out?

Many project managers ask questions related to the issues above and their impact on project management. Others are looking for lessons and experiences to share and engage with. We could all do with the opportunity to discuss what works, reflect on what is possible and consider our approaches and ideas for the future.

The answer:
As the APM celebrates its fortieth anniversary, the ideas listed above and the achievements of many major projects above will be featured at the APM Project Management Conference 2012. If you are interested in updating your skills, learning the lessons from the Olympic games and other challenging projects, thinking about innovative approaches, or simply looking to be dazzled or inspired by some of the amazing projects that are being attempted join us at the APM conference.

The sessions will introduce you to some of the leading project mangers dealing with the challenges ranging from people to space, and from complexity to resistance in organisations. If you would like to participate in the dialogue, engage with a range of new ideas and get a feel for the new boundaries of project management, join us in celebrating project management as The Art of the Possible at.

Darren Dalcher

Posted by Darren Dalcher on 19th Jun 2012

About the Author

Darren is Professor in Strategic Project Management at the Lancaster University Management School, and founder and Director of the National Centre for Project Management. He works to foster interactive dialogue about the integration of successful practice with theoretical research in the management of projects. He is the editor of two book series featuring Advances in Project Management, and a number of journals and has chaired the APM Project Management Conference for five years. He has recently co-edited the 7th edition of the APM Body of Knowledge.

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