Portfolio management? How do I even get that near a meaningful agenda?

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Project and programme management are well understood as a means of delivering effective outputs and outcomes; portfolio management still seems to be challenging organisations in terms of:

  • what it means (its big programme management with prioritisation isn’t it?)
  • its necessity (could you do just the project and programme management maturity assessment please, we don’t do portfolio management here)
  • getting it onto a senior stakeholder agenda (they understand PPM, but what’s the third P for again?)
  • how does it relate to my business; why should I bother? (you mean – I’ll be able to connect all my activity from strategy to delivery and back again??)

The APM Portfolio Management SIG will be running an evening event on Tuesday October 1st in London to:

  • Discuss how a portfolio management initiative is different from a project mgt or a programme mgt initiative in terms of getting it off the ground.
  • Present a real life case – one currently ‘in progress’ – and one we can learn from both now and as the initiative develops
  • Welcome short, pre prepared, ‘experience snapshots’ of portfolio mgt from the floor
  • Brainstorm the learning points in workshops
  • Summarise and make available to our members

We will collate, structure and write up the discussions and points from the meeting so that we can play them back to our SIG community.  

Do you have experiences of initiating and rolling out portfolio management that would be useful to share with our members? If yes could you please post a summary (blog reply) here or contact us with a brief summary offline and let us know whether you would be willing to stand up for 5-10 minutes (no more) and present your experiences, challenges and how you overcame them?

David Dunning

Posted by David Dunning on 16th Aug 2013

About the Author

David Dunning is the founding director at Chase Management Services and Chair of Corporate Project Solutions. He provides director level advice, guidance and critical friendship in portfolio, programme and project management. He is very interested in aligning innovation and portfolio management, and is currently focusing on developing a core P3M data model with other volunteers to give the public domain the basis for a shareable P3M Governance framework.

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